Sunday's spillage

Time flows by, day by day, step by step and everything is changing. Immature limited thoughts are getting blurred, faded, and new shapes, crafted by pure disappointment and lost faiths, are taking their place. Painful wounds are killing me from inside, but more I am bleeding, stronger I become. Reaching very deepest bottom means nothing, but nothing else to lose. Straying in the darkest darkness provides me a unique chance to start over and make my most insane dreams coming true.

Sometimes I try to find a shiny glorious way, approved by the world. What is the world though? A spurious emotionless mound of faked happiness, success, creepy flawlessness. Daily reality is not allowed to be captured, failing is not supposed to be human anymore. We’re living in constant pressure, avoiding to disappoint this artificial entity and struggling to not show that we are just people. We follow all those tempting ripped role models and unavailingly suffer. Stop. Relax. Take a deep breath. Forget about the whole world, an only important person is you. And your true wishes, passions, and interests. Nobody walked through your path, nobody except you can judge your steps. It doesn't matter how many times you fall down or how long it takes to you to stand back up. Only thing what matters is you being still alive and able to accept new challenges. 

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