In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take

What if I die tomorrow?

If I die tomorrow, I'm going to remember how much time I wasted giving chances to the wrong people over and over. I'm going to remember constant giving without receiving back. I'm going to remember feeling like "the other one" - whether those were friendships or relationships.

The second choice, the safe choice, the greater good. I wasn't the first choice, but I was a choice in the end. They knew that if they chose me, I wouldn't let them down. They knew that I'd be there, I'd listen, I'd care. And I did all of those things. But I wonder - was I ever listened to? Was I ever cared about?

Everything in my life felt one-sided. Everything I've dedicated myself into, everything I've loved. You can only lose so much without giving up. I think that I gave up years ago. I've accepted this world for what it is - and I've come to the realization that, in the end, I will have no one but myself. Expecting any kind of reciprocation became naive, absurd.. you name it. I'd persuaded myself that that's just not what I should expect - and if I find myself expecting it, I'd end up unhappy.

So I accepted being taken from but never being given back. I accepted anything as long as I felt safe. I knew what to expect and what to not expect. But as soon as my expectations became close to nothing, I knew that I'd been doing something wrong. I knew that that's not the kind of life that I wanted to have. I'd hoped that I deserve something.

If I die tomorrow, I'm going to regret everything. I'm going to regret the chances I took and wish I didn't take them. I'm going to wonder how would my life have looked if I decided to follow the walked paths. I'm going to wonder whether what I did was too much - or it wasn't nearly enough.

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tuto tym perfektnym ludom so zaujimavym zivotom lvl 9000 vadi citat stazovanie sa, tesenie sa, trollenie.. ale keby sme my vsetky otravne socky odisli, tak by ste tu na birdzi zemreli od nudy, stalkeri

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    23 ročný chalan

    and you know what life is about ?
    or you are just struglling between days and you hope someday it will be brighter tommorow ?
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    24 ročný chalan
    Bratislava / IpD

    Put jór hends on d stôl!
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    23 ročný chalan

    ved mi odpovedz :D
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    hrá sa, že má 0 rokov
    tulam sa

    @prey01 tazko odpoviem ked v otazke nepouzijes do :(

    a neviem, o com je zivot a myslim si, ze je to velmi individualne a kazdy ma v zivote inu hnaciu silu (a niekto aj ziadnu, takze som ta druha, struggling moznost)
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    23 ročný chalan

    do { ("and you know what life is about ?")

    systém.out.prinln("už máš otázku aj š DO ;)")

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    hrá sa, že má 0 rokov
    tulam sa

    @prey01 nn neviem lebo si myslim ze na tuto otazku neexistuje odpoved, zivot je o tom, o com si ho spravis