Angry King

1. Áno je to moja tvorba
2. Áno píšem to v ANJ
3. Nie nechce sa mi to prekladať
4. Na gramatiku kašlite už nie je to čo bývala počas strednej
5. Kritiku znesiem

Deep rainy night, me and my men are on a hunt. What are we after at this time, may you ask? Let me tell you, it’s a wild beast. With my best bud Auden crouching in the dirt behind the bushes, so do our comrades. Three on the right and two on the left. You can hear only the rain drops hitting the ground, no other sounds. It is close. Everybody is waiting for my sign to jump up from their hiding spots and go into an attack. Getting ready right now. In the dark appears a small cloud of breath and an eye sparkle few meters in front of us. I moved my hand. The men from both sides went into attack. The beast roars out of anger, but something isn’t right. I turn fast on my back and in the last second, I could kick him over my head. A second one? Those are nasty clever monsters. They brought us into a trap. He might have thought he would get me, but I am smarter than them. Auden hit him with his spear still flying in the air and short after helped me to stand up. We took our swords out and screamed while running into combat. Seven against two, it doesn’t sound fair you might think, but these are werewolves, one has power of five strong men. We fought them bravely, without any doubts; we could force them into a corner near the cliffs and finally threw a silver net over them to catch both savage beasts. It came the time to celebrate our victory with brotherly gestures and bring those creatures to their new home. My men put them into silver cages, since silver is lethal for them so they won’t touch the walls and we can transport them without any problem. Now ready to go home I set our torches on fire so we could walk safe through the dense forest and don’t get lost in it. I could barely see anything, but I still could tell the path by looking more into the distance. There was some light from the high walls of the human village west from this enchanted place. I blindly followed them but forgot about the steepness next to them. One of my men who carried the cage with the two nightmares slipped. The cage fell to the ground with the lock hitting on a rock. The door shot open and the bigger one jumped out right after me. We started to roll down the hill and he clawed me on the right side of my lips. Somehow, I threw him from me and I hardly crashed into a rock wall with my back. Auden with one more came running toward us and that werewolf chosen to run away, but he couldn’t forget to snarl at them before disappearing in the darkness of the night. One more time tonight had Auden to help me to stand up. I needed to lean on his shoulders since I got wounded. The other man was standing as a guard with his torch in one hand and the sword sticking in front of him in the other. This was serious. That loose werewolf could now attack us without a problem and free his friend out of the cage. I guess the luck was on our side, I heard hoofs of horses, and for sure it was my father or my sister. I should correct myself; it was only my sister with ten others of our warriors. She knew we would end up in danger; I was always a troublesome person. In all honest I told about this hunt only Auden and he took these several men as a small backup, it would be madness to hunt as a duo, especially after another one of them appeared too. My older sister had a mad look in her eyes, I could understand her; I was mischievous once again and can’t wait for the harangue from our dear father. My sister Olivia offered me her horse, because of the injuries I sustained. She was always loving, caring and a mother to me. We lost our mother, when I was still a baby, so I never get to know any other motherly love than just from her. She led the horse and kept her weapon ready in her other hand. The men created a protecting formation around us, which will keep the werewolf outside. He would be a fool, if he tried to attack us now. I felt guilty to torture my sister like this. She changed her angry face to a caring right when she noticed my wounds on my back. I didn’t say a word till we got to the Elf castle, our home.

As we reached the inner courtyard, I felt a stingy look on my shoulders. When I looked up to the balcony of the royal hall I saw my father with a furious expression on his face. "Oh god! This will be very bad!" Olivia suggested, while she was helping me down from the horse to get cleaned up before meeting our father. She will join me soon, but first she will try to soften our father’s anger. Our folk was watching my walk of shame, totally deserved it. I went straight to my bedroom and waited for the maiden to prepare my bath in the outdoor springs. I sat down in the wooden chair and I burned holes into the portrait of my mother Siwa. Why was I so hazardous with my life? Nobody is like this in our family. I never got to know how my mother died, no one want talk about that, did I came after her? Suddenly Olivia disrupted my thoughts, as she opened the door. "Let me comb the mud out of your hair, before you step into the bath. I can’t even see that they are blond. They got really long... well you are not a kid anymore. Our father loves you and he will scream at you. I couldn’t calm him down. This time you will get the full scolding thrown at your head, so prepare for it." I looked with my guilty eyes into hers and apologized. She was right I was a grown man now after all. She took my face between her hands and put her forehead on mine, then moved from it. "Lasian, you should take a good rest after the king is done with disciplining you. Your eyes aren’t gray right now, but bloody from exhaustion." I looked into the mirror. She was right, I looked like a demon with them; her eyes were crystal clear. One of the maiden came to call me into the bath. "I will wait for you till you are done with the cleaning, so hurry up. Your wounds can’t heal, if they are not cared for." I nodded and disappeared behind the curtains. It burned as hell when I soaked my injuries in the hot water which turned red from my blood. Carefully made myself comfortable in the hot spring and washed all the dirt. It didn’t take long, took a towel, dried myself and grabbed clothes, which the maids had prepared for me on a nearby small tree. Olivia was for me the number one. She treated my wounds very gently; I almost didn’t feel any pain at all. The time came I went to the royal hall where our father the Elf king Aleko was waiting for me. Without a word I entered the hall and went down on my knee with my head down. I feared to look him into his eyes. "Why did you do that?" He screamed. "When you finally will learn what responsibility means. You are becoming the next Elf King soon. How will you protect our people and your family? We are still in a war and it won’t change in coming years. One more incident and I will send you to a strict drill for fifty years into our army training facility deep in the mountains. For now, I prohibit you from leaving the palace for the next week. You will be in company of several guards anywhere you go and they will make sure you stay between these walls till you reflect on what have you done." He calmed down and anger turned into sadness. "You are my only son. Your mother would be heartbroken, if something happened to you. You need to become a leader and leave the fights for the warriors. When you will learn that? Once you die, our whole race will die out with you." Aleko looked behind Lasian and nodded. Two guards came on both of his sides and picked him up. They took the young man to his room and locked him there. Before they could shut the door in front of his eyes he could see his sister’s sad face. "Sigh." What could I do? Father is right, now came the time to leave my boyish times and become serious about everything. I have decided to change so everybody will be proud on me. A bloody scream cut off Lasian from his thoughts. Chills creeped down his spine. He ran to the balcony to see who gave out this desperate cry for help. What should he do now?

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